Cause and Effect

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What the fuck am i living for??
I look at my self in the fuckin mirror and i feel sick.
I've achieved nothing, nothing that can actually make me feel useful.
I hate my fuckin self even more!!
I have no paper qualification, have no fuckin savings, working hard for just to pay off fuckin bills
This is not how it's supposed to be.. something fucked up and it's obviously me..
Am i here to waste the fuckin space or to fuck up people's lives??
I should be fuckin Satan then..
where's the cause for this effect??
Why should others suffere because of me??
i don't fuckin want it to happen at all but it somehow does happen to the people i care about the most...
People tell to forgive myself.. what the fuck are they talking about??
you don't pardon criminals? how do you expect to forgive yourself when the world doesn't forgive you??
and to add a bit more spice they got me fuckin married!! what did that poor girl do to deserve me??

It's enough.... there must be a fuckin resolve for all this..
One way or the fucking other.. something has to be done to stop all this.